Access Manager specific privileges

In order to start working with the Access Manager for SAP, you must upload certain predefined roles into your SAP system. These roles are shipped with IRC within the SAP\Roles folder. They can be uploaded into SAP using the transaction PFCG.
Note: In addition to the privileges listed in the section Privileges common to all Insights, this section lists the minimum permissions required to extract data for Access Manager Insights for SAP. A user in SAP should have all these minimum permissions assigned.
Note:  All out-of-the-box Infor SAP roles are available in the IRC Integration Adapters Package in the \SAP\Roles folder. The required role can be uploaded directly to the target SAP server using the transaction 'PFCG' and then assigned to the user account used for extraction. Alternatively, a new role can be created in SAP with the documented authorizations, likewise the new role must be assigned to the user account used for extraction.