Specify date range for extracted data

This XML is used to enable the setting to view the extracted data available during analysis through the Analysis Details Report. The setting calculates the minimum and maximum date range for the extracted data on which the analysis was performed.

This XML applies only to the Transaction Insights for SAP. The minimum and maximum date values are calculated on the basis of the default date filter.

File Path [InstallPath]\Settings\ViolationWriterConfig.xml
	<name value="TMBizRightsUpdateMinMaxDateRangeValue"
					 description="updates min - max date info in
					 GV_BP_PopulateAnalysisDefaultDateRange per analysis per objects"
	<status description="1 - enable, 0 - disable">0</status>
Parameter:Status To enable the date range setting for the extracted data, set the value in the “status” tag to "1” (<status description="1 - enable, 0 - disable">1</status”)
Default Value This means disabled.
Recommended Value


If the value is set to 1, the maximum and minimum date range for all participating objects will be calculated during analysis. This could increase the time taken for analysis.