Disable emergency access request notification

When a user creates an emergency access request, this request is termed a parent request. This request is internally divided into multiple child requests based on the roles requested for.

When child requests are created, the parent request is marked complete irrespective of the status of the child requests and the user receives ‘Approved’ notifications through an email. The user can disable this parent request completion notification by configuring the file RequestConfiguration.xml.


To configure the xml setting:

XML file name and path [InstallPath]\Settings\RequestConfiguration.xml
Node <notifyparentrequestcompletion>true</notifyparentrequestcompletion>
Configuration setting Set the value of <notifyparentrequestcompletion> to:
  • True – The user will be notified about the parent request completion.
  • False – The user will not be notified about the parent request completion.
Default The default value is set to True.