Email notification for emergency access role revocation

When an emergency access role assigned to a user is revoked, an email notification may be sent to the owner of the role.

To configure the xml setting:

XML file name and path [InstallPath]\Settings\NotificationHandlerPlugin.xml
Node <notifyroleownerforrevocation>false</notifyroleownerforrevocation>
Tag <request type>
Configuration settings Configure the value in the node to ‘true’. The role owner will receive an email notification when an Emergency access role is revoked.

This setting is applicable for:

  • Emergency access roles that are revoked after the setting is configured to ‘true’
  • Users assigned role ownership after the setting is configured to ‘true’.
Note: Email notification for role revocation will be sent only if the configuration settings for role assignment as explained above is set to ‘true’.
Default False. The owner of the emergency access role will receive an email notification about the role revocation.
Note: For other Authorizations Insight related configurable settings such as ‘enable rule book – connection mapping’ and ‘features enabled during extraction’; that are also related to Access Manager; refer to the section Authorizations Insight specific settings in the Infor Risk & Compliance SAP - Configuration Guide .