Setting the SNC Parameters

SNC Parameters for the IRC server.

The IRC uses the JCo/Nco to communicate with the application server and the JCo/Nco needs the information as shown below to be able to use SNC for the connection:

The SNC name is not the same as the Distinguished Name you used when creating the PSE. The SNC name has the syntax p:<Distinguished_Name>.

  1. SNC mode =1 (on)

    Flag for activating SNC.

  2. SNC library path = C:\<IACM_install_dir>\SAPCryptolib\sapcrypto.dll

    Specifies the path and file name of the external library.

  3. Level of protection = 3

    Specifies the level of protection to use for the connection.

Possible values

  • 1: Authentication only
  • 2: Integrity protection
  • 3: Privacy protection (default)
  • 8: Use the value from snc/data_protection/use on the application server
  • 9: Use the value from snc/data_protection/max on the application server

    Default value = 3

  • 4) Partner’s SNC Name = p: CN=ABC, O=MyCompany, C=US

Specifies the application server’s SNC name.

You can find the application server’s SNC name in the profile parameter snc/identity/as.