Enable rule book – connection mapping

By default, rule books from all connections are used in an analysis, even if specific connections are selected while scheduling the analysis for the Authorizations Insight for SAP.

IRC enables you to modify this default behavior so that only the rule books from the selected connections are used in the analysis. For this, modify the ZR_RTEConfigurations table in the IRC database as follows:

  1. Open SQL Management Studio.
  2. Connect to IRC database.
  3. Depending on the analysis type for which the change is to be made, execute the SQL query UPDATE ZR_RTECONFIGURATIONS for the required attributeName. The table below lists all the attributeName that can be modified.
    AttributeName Default AttributeValue Modify AttributeValue to

    ERCM_Report Analysis

    Note: Report analysis is a regular analysis scheduled from the ManageSchedules page.
    0 1
    ERCM_Role Assignment Management WIF//User Creation WIF 0 1
    ERCM_AddTCode to Role WIF 0 1
    ERCM_Authorization Change Management WIF 0 1
    ERCM_Role assignment management Request 0 1
    ERCM_User creation Request 0 1
    ERCM_Authorization change management Request 0 1
    ERCM_Change in role assignment to position Request 0 1
    ERCM_User Re-provisioning Request 0 1
    Note: Please contact your database administrator to make these changes in the IRC database.