Mapping extracted data to an existing connection

Data extracted remotely using the Portable Data Extractor can be mapped to an existing IRC online or offline connection. Mapping can be advantageous when Insights have multiple components as data extracted for the individual components can be mapped to a single connection for logical grouping.

Mapping connections is possible only when the connection parameters in the .beu file (the output file of the Portable Data Extractor) match with the parameters for an existing connection in IRC.

Note:  For an Insight to support offline project mapping to an existing offline or online connection, the Insight name must be mentioned in the MapInsightsConnections.xml file. For details see the Configurable XML Settings section in this guide.

To map extracted data from a .beu file to an existing connection:

  1. On the Connections page, click the Import icon to display a list of ERP applications. Click SAP to display the Connection Details page.
    Note:  The procedure to map the extracted data in a .beu file to an existing connection is same across all the ERP applications.
  2. Click Browse to locate the .beu project file generated by the Portable Data Extractor.
  3. Click the Upload icon. The system uploads the .beu file and populates the remaining fields on the screen with the connection details.
    Note: Ensure that the permission 'Full Control' is given to 'Everyone' on the shared folder containing the .beu file. Unless this is done, the data cannot be populated for the mapped connection.
  4. Click Map This Extraction to map data from the remote connection to an existing online or an offline connection in IRC. This link is enabled only if the uploaded .beu file belongs to an Insight that supports the mapping functionality.
    Note:  Before performing the mapping, IRC checks whether the uploaded .beu file is already mapped to the selected connection. If it is, a message is displayed, saying that the project is already mapped.
  5. From the drop-down list, select the connection to which the data must be mapped. The drop-down list displays all connections that match the connection parameters in the .beu file. If none of the parameters in the existing connections and .beu file match, the drop-down list will be empty.
  6. Click Save. The offline connection is mapped to the selected connection.