Extraction task status

The UAIConfig.xml file enables you to configure the status of an extraction task, whether extraction has been successful or not.

If the Insight encounters a ‘server not found’ error during extraction, then it writes it to the error log - YYYYMMDD_TM_CM.log. For example, 20060616_TM_CM.log and moves on to the next server in the list.

At the end of extraction, the Insight notifies the IRC server about the completion of extraction with the status ‘Completed with errors’ or Completed successfully based on the setting made.

If extractions from all servers fail, the extraction is marked failed.

  • The value 0 stands for completed
  • The value 1 stands for completed with errors
To configure the xml setting:
XML file name and path [InstallPath\Adapters\TMonitor\ProcessModules\TEH\Settings\UAIConfig.xml
Node <extractiontaskcompletionstatus>1</extractiontaskcompletionstatus>
Configuration setting To mark the extraction status as completed, change the default value to 0.
Default value 1