Creating Credentials for the IRC server


The IRC server must have active credentials at run-time to be able to access its PSE. Therefore, use the configuration tool’s command line seclogin to “open” the PSE.

The credentials are located in the file cred_v2 in the IRC server’s SECUDIR directory. Make sure that only the user under which the IRC application runs (Windows: administrator) has access to this file (including read access).


  • The environment variable SECUDIR is set to the location where the PSE is stored.
  • You know the operating system user under which the IRC application runs.


Use the following command line to open the server’s PSE and create credentials.

sapgenpse seclogin –p <PSE_Name> -x <PIN> -O [<NT_Domain>\]<user_ID>


sapgenpse seclogin –p IACMSRVR.pse -x iacmpin –O administrator