Characters that should not be repeated

Use the ResetPasswordConfiguration.xml file to specify which characters should not be repeated in the password. Specify the ‘from position’ and ‘to position’ so that the characters in between those positions are not repeated.

To configure the xml setting:

XML file name and path [InstallPath]\Settings\ResetPasswordConfiguration.xml
Tag <PasswordPolicies>
Node <DonotRepeatCharacter fromPosition="0" toPosition="2" />
Configuration setting Provide the desired value in the above node. For example, if the values provided in the node are

<DonotRepeatCharacter fromPosition="2" toPosition="4" />, characters in the password from the position 2 to the position 4 must not be repeated.

Default The default values are 0 and 2, which means that the first 3 characters of the password should not repeat.