Support background extraction

Note: The INFOR_DEE45_BG_ROLE role permissions documented in the ABAP User’s guide must be assigned to the connection user if background extraction is enabled for any object.

To turn on background processing for objects, you need to configure the file SAPConfig.xml located at: [Install_path]\Adapters\TMonitor\ProcessModules\SAP\SAPConfig.xml.

This XML file is used to specify which objects of the will use background extraction, supported by DEE 4.5. Each object for which background processing should be enabled should be specified in the XML.

Configure the file as:

  1. Open the file SAPConfig.xml in an editor.
  2. Locate the tag <PMDEEHostConfig> for the object to be enabled for background processing.
  3. Add the <UseBackgroundDEE> section to the <PMDEEHostConfig> section.
  4. The <UseBackgroundDEE> section must be added for each object for which background processing needs to be turned on.
    Note:  It is recommended that you take a backup of the XML file before modifying it. This will enable you to switch between background extraction and RFC extraction for a particular object, if required.

    In the example below, the object ‘Approva.P2PT.SAP.TransactionExecutionHistory’ is added which will support background extraction.

    File Path [InstallPath]\Adapters\ TMonitor\ProcessModules\<Insight Folder><Insight>
    Parameter: ExtractDataType Specify the Insight object that will use background extraction supported by DEE 4.5.