User Access to Sensitive BASIS Transactions Report - Display New Transactions

The User Access to Sensitive BASIS Transactions report displays a list of sensitive BASIS transactions and the number of active users with access to these transactions. The Sensitive BASIS transactions displayed on the User Access to Sensitive BASIS Transactionsreport depend on the values present in the XML file SensitiveBASISTransactions.xml.

The values are Tcode and description. For example, 'PFCG'(Tcode) and 'Create and Change Activity Groups' (Description).

Configure the XML file as follows:

XML file name and path <InstallPath>\Adapters\TMonitor \ProcessModules\SAPSystemConfiguration\Settings.
Tag <RSPARAMSettings>
Node Add the following: <SensitiveBASISTransactions> <TCode></TCode> <Description></Description> </SensitiveBASISTransactions>
Configuration setting Add the following: <SensitiveBASISTransactions> <TCode></TCode> <Description></Description> </SensitiveBASISTransactions>. After adding the above tags, specify the new transaction code within the tags <TCode></TCode> and specify the description within the tags <Description></Description>. The specified TCode and description will be displayed on the report.
Default Value All transactions mentioned in the XML are displayed on the report.