Step 5.2: Activate Authorizations/Configuration Insights

This section guides you through the process of activating a IRC Insight. Activating the Insight publishes its schema to IRC Services.

Note: The steps listed below are an example of activating the Authorizations Insight for SAP. Follow the same process for all Insights.

Activate the Insight as follows:

  1. Click Start > Programs > IRC > IRC Insight Activation to start the IRC Insight Activation wizard. The system displays the Welcome screen of the IRC Insights Activation wizard.
  2. Click Next. The activation wizard displays the IRC Insights screen.

    The screen displays the Insights that are available for activation. If activated Insights are already available on your machine, the screen displays a list of activated Insights.

    • The upper section displays the Insights that have already been activated.
    • The lower section displays the Insights available for activation.
  3. Select the check box next to the Authorizations Insight for SAP.
  4. Click Next. The activation wizard displays the IRC Insight Name screen.

    The IRC Insight Name screen gives you the option to specify an alternative name for the Insight.

    Note: The Insight name, though editable, must not be changed.
  5. Click Next. The system changes the user-friendly name of the Insight and displays the Activate screen. The Activate screen displays a list of Activation Tasks that the wizard performs during activation.
  6. Click Next. The wizard begins the actual activation and displays the progress of activation.

    The screen displays the tasks performed during activation. When a task is complete, the check box next to it is selected.

    If any of the tasks fails, the Insight activation fails. Refer to the log files located in the following locations for details:
    • [Install Path]\Core\logs
    • [Install Path]\Adapters\TMonitor\Logs
  7. Click Next to continue.

    The screen confirms the Insight activation and displays the tasks completed during activation.

  8. Click Finish to exit the IRC Insight Activation Wizard. The Tasks Performed box displays whether Insights are successfully activated or if activation has failed.
    Once the Insight is installed and activated, you must create a connection in order to schedule an extraction for it. Refer to the Infor Risk & Compliance online help for information on creating a connection.
    Note: If activation of an Insight fails, the Tasks Performed section displays an error message and list of the Insights for which activation failed.

    In case of problems during Insight activation, refer to the Troubleshooting section in this document.