Step 4: Activate the IRC Adapter

The process of activation configures the IRC Adapter for use. After activating and enabling the IRC Adapter, you can extract Insight data from the ERP application, analyze the extracted data and view any exceptions identified.

The adapter requires a one-time activation on a given machine. Multiple Insights can be plugged into a single adapter.

Adapter activation cannot be successfully completed unless support for at least one Insight is enabled while installing IRC services.

Activate the IRC Adapter as follows:

  1. Click Start > Infor Risk and Compliance > Infor Risk & Compliance Adapter Activation to start the IRC Adapter Activation wizard. The system displays the Welcome screen of the IRC Adapter Activation wizard.
  2. Click Next to continue. The wizard displays the IRC Server screen.

  3. Specify the name of the server hosting IRC Services.
  4. Specify the name of the server where the IRC adapter is installed.
    If the web site on which IRC is installed is a non-default website, provide the port number assigned to the web site. If the web site is a default web site, the port number is 80.
  5. Click Next. The wizard displays the Adapter Description screen.

    If you select the check boxes IRC Server is SSL enabled or IRC Adapter is SSL enabled, ensure that the server on the SSL certificate name matches the server name entered on this screen.
  6. By default, the description is IRC Adapter. This description must not be edited.
  7. Click Next. The IRC Adapter Service Configuration screen is displayed.
    The default Service Name and Service Display Name must not be changed.
  8. Specify the account that is used to start the adapter service. The account specified must have the privileges to log on as a service on the installation machine.
    Note: The account details provided must not be a personal account.
    Note:  If you are connecting to Lawson through IRC, the windows user name, used for creating the identity for the new OS service while configuring the Distributed Single Sign-On (DSSO), and the adapter service context user must be the same.
  9. Enter the password for this account.
  10. From the Type of Connector list, select the connector that is used for extracting data from the SAP Insights. Note that this field is displayed only if Insights for SAP is selected at the time of Services installation.
    Note: Before selecting an SAP connector, ensure that the required files for the SAP .Net Connector or SAP Java Connector are downloaded and installed on your machine. Refer to the System Requirements section in this document.
  11. Click Next. The wizard displays the Activate screen.
  12. Click Next to start activation. The wizard displays the activation progress screen.

    The Activate screen displays the activation tasks that the wizard performs.

  13. Click Next. The screen contains the list of tasks successfully performed by the wizard during activation.
  14. Click Finish to close the wizard. After the adapter is activated, you can create connections in IRC to connect to an ERP system.
    Note: In case of problems during activation, refer to the Troubleshooting section in this document.