SSL Support

A web application is accessed using HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). The main security issue with HTTP is that all communication between the Web Browser and the Web Server is in the form of clear text. This means that anyone can potentially access valuable information while it is in transit over a network.

To secure the transmission of information between the server and the browser, information can be encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

IRC supports SSL to protect data transfer between the following sets of components:

  • An IRC user accessing information from the browser and the IRC Server
  • The IRC Adapter and the IRC Server

In order to use SSL you need to obtain a Server Certificate from a Local CA (Certification Authority) or a trusted 3rd party CA. A valid certificate ensures that the communication between the browser and the server is secure.

The server name on the certificate must match the name of the server on which IRC is installed.
Note: For information on getting a certificate and applying it to the virtual folders, please see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 298805 forum.
Note: For information on:
  • Switching from Non-SSL to SSL and from SSL to non-SSL
  • Enabling SSL on a non-default website

Refer to the section Switching from SSL to non-SSL or Switching from non-SSL to SSL sections.