Switching Connectors

This section describes the process of switching from one SAP connector to another.

  1. From the [Install Path] > Core > bin folder double click InforRisk&ComplianceSwitchSAPConnector.exe.

    The SAP Connector Configuration screen displays the SAP connector already installed. In the example above, the SAP Java connector is installed.

  2. From the Select Connector Type drop-down list, select the connector you want to switch to:
    • SAP .Net Connector 3.0 - If you select the SAP .Net Connector 3.0, continue to step 3.
    • SAP Java Connector – When you select the Java connector option from the drop-down list, the screen displays the files required for the Java Connector:
  3. Click Browse and provide the path for the local folder containing the required files. If all the files are available in the given folder, a check mark check mark icon appears against the file names.
  4. Ensure that there are no long running tasks, such as an extraction, in progress, as switching the utility restarts IRC services.
  5. Click Apply Changes. The screen displays a message asking for confirmation.
  6. Click Yes to continue. The Status bar and window display the progress of the switching activity.

    Once the connector is switched, the screen displays a message asking whether you would like to test the newly installed SAP connector by selecting a connection to test it on.

  7. Click Yes to test newly installed SAP connector.