Custom Authentication Using SiteMinder or Oblix

IRC can be integrated with SiteMinder or Oblix to enable single sign-on authentication.

Unauthenticated requests to IRC are intercepted by Oblix or SiteMinder, authenticated, and posted back to IRC. IRC then maps the user to its own schema.

IRC must be activated with IRC Application Security authentication.

Custom authentication can be activated through the file CustomAuthProvider.xml located at [Install Path]\Settings\CustomAuthProvider.xml.

To enable custom authentication, change the attribute value of the tag CustomAuthenticationType to true. By default, the value is false.

This table explains the tags used.

VendorName Contains the name of the vendor that provides custom authentication, for example, SiteMinder.
httpheader Contains the name of the key that custom authentication adds to the header post authentication of IRC. For example, HTTP_UID.
logoffURL Contains the URL of the custom authentication Logoff page. Keep this blank in case logoff URL is not required.
Note: If log off from custom authentication is not required, configure the appropriate Log Off URL after installation, or keep the <logoffURL> node empty.