Non-Default Website

Creating a non-default or user-defined website enables you to have a more secure website to host IRC.

While creating your non-default website, ensure the following:

  • The port number must be any available port number other than predefined (default) ports
  • Determine the minimum role services that need to be installed for IIS 7.x, IIS 8.x, or IIS 10.x as follows:
  1. Select Start- > Administrative Tools- > Server Manager and expand Roles - > Web Server (IIS)
  2. Click Add Role Services.
  3. Select all roles except FTP Publishing service and its sub-roles.
    • The non-default website’s Home Directory cannot be pointed to a root drive. It must be pointed to a subfolder otherwise IRC Services activation will fail.
    • On the web site Home Directory screen, Allow Anonymous Access to this website is checked.
    • In case of a non-default website with SSL support, you require a separate non-default SSL port.
    Note: To enable SSL for a non-default website, refer to the section Enable SSL for a non-default web site.