Step 5.5: Install and Activate Process Insights

To install the Process Insight, you must ensure the following:

  • The Flat-File support is selected on the Select Features screen while installing IRC Services.
  • The Insight version and the Platform version are same. For example, to install Process Insight for 10.2.8 version, you must first upgrade the Platform to 10.2.8 version before installing Process Insight for 10.2.8

You can install the Process Insights for the various ERPs from the respective ERP product component folder in the file.

See the Elements of the product zip files for details.

Note: The installation and activation procedure for all Process Insights is same. As an example, the procedure to install and activate Process Insight for SAP is being explained here. Please follow the same procedure for installing and activating the other Process insights.

Process Insights for SAP

  1. Navigate to the IRC Insight for SAP > Process Insights SAP > INSIGHT folder.
  2. Right click InsightInstaller.exe and select the Run As Administrator option.
  3. Click Next. The installer displays the Insights that are installed.
    Note: If an earlier version of the Process Insight exists, the new version overwrites the previous version.
  4. Click Next. The screen displays the progress of installation.
  5. Click Next when installation is complete. The Insight activation screen is displayed.
  6. Click Next to begin activation.
  7. Click Finish to exit the wizard.
    Note: IRC 10.2.8 does not support these Insights:
    • Authorizations Insight for SAP Enterprise Portal
    • Access Manager for SAP Enterprise Portal
    • Lawson 9.x Insights
    • Oracle 11.x Insights
    • Common Data Model (CDM) Insights