Switch SAP Connector Utility

The Infor Risk & Compliance Switch SAP Connector utility automates switching from one SAP connector to another. For example, if you were using the SAP .Net Connector 4.0, you may want to switch to the Java Connector 4.0.

Note: Customers switching to SAP .Net Connector 4.0 for extraction should assign the INFOR_NCO role to the IRC User in SAP. Customers switching to Java Connector 4.0 for extraction should assign the INFOR_JAVA role to the IRC user in SAP

The utility performs the following tasks, eliminating the need for you to perform them manually. When using IRC, switching operations are displayed through the IRC Audit report.

  • Checks prerequisites.
  • Stops the necessary IRC services.
  • Modifies IRC configuration files and copies these files to their respective folders.
  • Restarts IRC services.
  • Enables testing the new connector before scheduling an extraction.
  • Generates log files.
Note: The IRC Switch SAP Connector utility is Windows UAC- (User Account Control) compliant.