Upgrade fails

Error in log files:

|| UF_File_Copy || Error || Upgrade.FileHandler::copyFilesforBackup()Error in CopyFilesforbackup method file Extension The process cannot access the file…..
Anti-virus service may have blocked upgrade Disable the anti-virus Service before upgrade and enable it after upgrade.
Upgrade fails The ‘No Custom Rendering Extensions’ upgrade rule fails when upgrading the Report server from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2008 R2. Clicking on the failed link shows 'Rule "No Custom Rendering" failed. The Report Server has some customer rendering extensions configured.' message. This error occurs if the IRC CSV without report formatting report extension was deployed.
  1. On the Report Server, open [Install Path]\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10_50.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\ReportServer\rsreportserver.config.
  2. Comment out the following CSVWithoutReportFormat node in rsreportserver.config file: <Extension Name="CSVWithoutReportFormat" Type ="Approva.ReportingServices.Rendering.CSVWithoutReportFormatRenderer,Approva. ReportingServices.CSVWithoutReportFormatRendering" Visible="false"/>.
  3. Continue the SQL upgrade.
  4. After SQL upgrade is complete, un-comment the CSVWithoutReportFormat node in rsreportserver.config.
After upgrade, analysis may fail or remain incomplete

Error in log files:

Information || AnalysisManager.cs::Analyze() - No RTE enabled Process Module found with TaskID:149 DataID:13 AnalysisTypeID:0 BaseAnalysisType:Report DataIDstring:000000013 
Run  the command DBCC CHECKDB  on the SQL Server after upgrade
Upgrade fails IRC service upgrade fails during the upgrade process. This error occurs if the IRC services start automatically after the IRC service stops.

Ensure that:

  • No policy exists at the customer end which states that the IRC service must start automatically if stopped.
  • No monitoring tools, batches or processes exists that restarts the IRC service if stopped.
Copying Insight files during upgrade Confirmation message displays the process details running in the background. This occurs if another process is running in the background. Stop the background process.
  1. Navigate to the Task Manager page -> Process tab.
  2. Locate the process mentioned in the confirmation message displayed by the system.
  3. Click End Process.
  4. Click Yes on the confirmation message displayed.
Report subscription Report subscriptions created using the output option 'CSV without Report Format' displays an error message -'The render method did not return any data'. Report Server 2016 is used.
  1. Locate the following tag in the [Report Server Install path]\Reporting Services\ReportServer\rsreportserver.config file.
    • <Extension Name="CSVWithoutReportFormat" Type="Approva.ReportingServices.Rendering.CSVWithoutReportFormatRenderer,Approva.ReportingServices.CSVWithoutReportFormatRendering" Visible="false"/>
  2. Remove Visible="false".
  3. Restart the report server instance and delete the folders at [MSRS Install path] \Reporting Services\RSTempFiles.