Step 3: Initialize IRC

Run the utility InforRisk&CompliancePC.exe from [Install Path] > Core > bin to enhance page loading performance.

Confirming Upgrade

Verify that Insights have been upgraded as follows:

  1. Click Start > run > regedit to access the Registry. Verify that all upgraded products display the version 10.2.8.
  2. In Programs and Features: Check that the entries for the upgraded Insights display v10.2.8.
  3. On the About page: Check that the entries for the upgraded Insights display v10.2.8.

Log Files

By default, log files generated for upgrade are available at C:\The log file location can be configured through the file UpgradeConfig.xml located at [Install Path]\Upgrade Framework\

Upgrade.log This file contains upgrade information such as errors or exceptions during upgrade
UpgradeCommonLog.log This file contains information about hooks
WatchLogs.Log This log keeps tabs on the upgrade process and logs it continuously
UpgradeDisplayMessage.log A step-by step log of internal operations performed during upgrade
Note: For details of configuring the log file path, refer to Advanced Configuration Settings for Platform.
  • The Recent menu on the IRC Interface will appear blank after IRC upgraded. Links will be displayed after you start using the IRC application.
  • Reports with product name as IACM, in the drill down link, cannot be scoped further. Create new subscriptions for such reports.
  • Notifications generated prior to the upgrade will display the product name as Continuous Monitoring. Post upgrade, the product name displayed will be IRC.