Domain Management Utility

IRC allows you to add multiple domain servers (of the same type) for authentication so that users can be authenticated across different domains residing within the organization. This is done through the Domain Management utility which is installed as a part of IRC Services.

Note: The Domain Management Utility can be used in case only when the authentication scheme is Active Directory.

To specify different domains:

  1. Select Start > Programs > IRC > Domain Management. A confirmation message is displayed.
  2. Click Yes. The Domain Management window opens. If this is the first time the utility is being used, the domain server list displays only the server name that was entered during IRC Services activation. This is the primary server for which users are authenticated during sign in. If additional servers have been added to this utility, the domain management utility displays those servers in a screen.
    • The user name and/or password can be updated for existing servers. Select a server from the list to display details of that server.
    • To add a domain server, specify the domain name, user name and password of the user in that domain and click Add to add it to list.
    • To remove a domain from list, select the domain and click Remove.
    • Select the Enable SSL check box if the selected Active Directory is SSL enabled. Selecting the check box indicates that the specified domain is secured. It is mandatory to specify the port number.
    Note: Domains cannot be removed if mapped users exist in the database

    While signing in to IRC, users must be authenticated against domains in the order in which they are specified in the Domain Management Utility. Once a mapping is found in a specific directory, the remaining domains in the list of domains are ignored. This means that for accounts with identical names across two Windows domains, the first domain account found is used.

    The Change Priority button can be used to change the search priority for AD servers. Click Down to move a server down and reduce its priority. Click Up to move a server up in the list, and hence increase its priority.