Minimum Permissions Required for Upgrade

The following accounts are required for upgrade and should be assigned permissions as per the table below:

IRC upgrade account This is the account that runs the upgrade wizard and must be part of the local Administrators Group on the IRC application server.
Database account This account should be the sys admin account and should have access to the IRC database. Refer to the Database Creation account in the section, Accounts and Privileges for Activation.
IRC Services account This account should be part of the Administrators Group on the IRC application server.
MSSSRS account Reports are published using the IRC Services account. This account should have 'Content Manager' rights on MSSSRS.
Microsoft Active Directory lookup account

This account is used to look up information to map IRC users with AD authentication. It requires permissions to access Active Directory and search users and fetch information for these users from Active Directory.

Note: This applies only to Microsoft Active Directory authentication, not IRC Application security authentication.