Step 5.1 Install Authorizations/Configuration Insights

After having installed and activated the IRC Services and the IRC Adapter, you are now ready to install the required Insights on the IRC platform.

The steps listed in this section are an example for installing the Authorizations Insight for SAP. Follow the same process for all IRC Insights except the Access Manager products:

Extractions should not be running while an Insight is being installed. The Insight installer needs to restart the IRC Adapter Service in order to copy or replace files. Any extractions running at this time, therefore, may fail.
Before installing an Insight, ensure that you select the correct option on the Select Features screen while installing IRC services. For example, if you want to install the Authorizations Insight for SAP, select the check box Insights for SAP.

Install an Insight as follows:

  1. Within the product folder, unzip the IRC Insights for SAP folder.
    See the Elements of the product zip files for details.
  2. Click Start > Infor Risk and Compliance > Infor Risk & Compliance Insight Installer to start the IRC Insight Installer wizard. This displays the IRC Insight Setup screen.
  3. Click Next. The installation wizard displays the Choose Insight Location screen.
  4. Browse the Insights folder.
    Note: If the folder selected does not contain any directories, the wizard displays the following error message:
    • ‘No Process Module directories found’.
    • If the folder does not contain the Insight configuration files or contains non-Insights files, the wizard displays the following error message:

    ‘Process Module Config and Installer Config XML files not found in the specified directory. Please enter the valid insights folder path’

  5. Click Next to continue. The installation wizard displays the IRC Insights Selection screen.
  6. From the drop-down list, select the application on which the Insights are to be installed – IRC or the Portable Data Extractor.

    The IRC Insights Selection screen is divided into two sections:

    • The upper section displays the Insights to be installed.
    • The lower section displays the Insights already installed on your machine, if any.
  7. Select the check box next to an Insight in the upper section, to install the Insight.
  8. Click Next. The installation wizard displays the Installation Summary screen. The screen displays the Insights that is installed when you click Next.
  9. Click Next. The Installing screen is displayed.
  10. Click Next to begin the installation on IRC.
  11. When installation is complete, Finish is enabled. Click Finish to exit the wizard.