Installing Infor OS

To install Infor OS, contact Infor support.

After you install the Infor OS, you can leverage these functionalities into IRC:

  • Share Rule Book and Rule pages: Use this functionality to share information regarding a page and also provide meta data to scope down data to the specific information being shared. When you share information, the other OS user will receive the shared message on the Feed’s page and a share link in the Ming.le™ header. When the user clicks this link, a pop-up window displays the information collected from the supported IRC page. The user can then use the regular Infor OS functionality for adding comments, attachments, selecting user groups and posting the information in the displayed pop-up window.
  • The other functionalities that are supported are:
Infor Ming.le™ Plugin Drill back Support(From IRC Notifications) Drill back Support (From Infor Ming.le TM feeds page ) Infor Ming.le™ API
Infor OS 2021-06 Yes Yes Yes Yes