Report Server Prerequisites

  1. From the IRC Platform & Insights package, copy the file Approva.SSRS.ResourcesEx.dll and Approva.ReportingServices.CSVWithoutReportFormatRendering.dll from [Install Path] > Inventories\ > PlatformServices > Assembly > MSSSRS > RDLLocalization to the [Microsoft SQL Server Install Path] > Reporting Services > ReportServer > bin folder on the Reporting server.
  2. For Certification Manager, copy the file Infor.ReportHelper.dll from [Install Path] > MSSRSS > RDLLocalization located on the Certification Manager Application server to [Microsoft SQL Server [Install Path] > Reporting Services > ReportServer > bin located on the Report server
  3. For both the IRC and the CM server, copy one of these language specific folders as per your requirement.
    • de-DE
    • es-ES
    • fr-CA
    • fr-FR
    • pt-BR
    • he-IL
  4. If the database server and report server are on different machines, run the following command on the database server under the ‘sa’ (sys admin) connection as follows:
    1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
    2. Connect to the IRC database server using an account with sysadmin privileges.
    3. Run the command SP_ADDLINKEDSERVER “REPORTSERVERNAME” (substitute REPORTSERVERNAME with the name of the machine on which the report server is installed.)
    4. Ensure that the query has been successfully executed.