Activating IRC Services Error during activation, Bulk Insert access denied Windows may not be configured for security account delegation. Configure Windows to enable security account delegation to be able to access the bcp folder at [Install Path]\BizRights\Core\bcp
IRC Services activation failing. Error 404. Page not found.

Anonymous Access user (IUSR) passwords needs to be reset.

ASP.NET version not properly set.
Reset password for Anonymous Access user.

Set ASP .Net 4.8 version in IIS

IRC Services activation or IRC not working when SSL is enabled. SSL certificate common certificate name is invalid Specify Fully Qualified Domain Name in Issued To field while creating certificate.
Activation failed with error: Ad hoc update to system catalog is not supported ‘Allow updates’ in master database has a value other than 0 Run the query sp_configure 'allow updates’, 0 to reset the default value.
Activating Adapter Adapter activation fails. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) not installed. This is a prerequisite. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) pre-requisite.
Activating Insights Failed to publish IRC to core

ASP.NET version not properly set.

Check the webservice extension in the IIS for v4.8. Its status should be set to allows

Set ASP.NET version in IIS to 4.8.

Should allow ASP.NET v4.8 in webservice extension.