SQL Data Compression

IRC supports data compression for PI analysis. During analysis you can apply row and page compression to the GV_BP_ViolationSummary table in the IRC database. In case of multiple partions, you have the option to select None, Row or Page as the compression type. A mix of Row and Page can be selected as the compression type; however None cannot be selected with Row or Page.

By default, data compression is not applied to the GV_BP_ViolationSummary table. To apply data compression:

  1. Right click on the SQL table > Go to Storage > Select Manage Compression. The Welcome screen of the wizard is displayed.
  2. Click Next. The Select Compression Type screen displays.
    Select Compression Type for each partition

    You have two options on this screen:

  3. Specify this information:
    • To select compression type for individual partitions, click the drop-down list against each partition and select the desired compression type.
    • To select the same compression type for all partitions, select the check box Use same compression type for all partitions. By default, the check box is not selected.