Infor IRC Approval Service

The Infor IRC Approval Service performs the following tasks:

  • Hosts components used by the approval process workflow to perform long running tasks such as role or responsibility assignment, user creation in ERP etc.
  • Processes requests during the approval workflow. For example, Automatic approval, to do to pending transition, pending to completed transition, request forwarding and so on.
Note: If, while a request is in progress, the approval service encounters an abnormal termination or the system is restarted, this service reviews all pending requests (at the time of service startup) to see if there are any incomplete requests to be processed. If such requests are found, the service first attends to these requests before proceeding further.
  • Hosts components that send immediate notifications during the approval process workflow. Also, sends consolidated notifications once every day.

The following privileges are required to use this service.

Windows Privileges Local Administrator
Resource Privileges

Full Control on [Install Path]\Core\logs

Full Control on Audit File
Dependencies IRC Services