Reconfiguring the Existing SAP Connector

Sometimes, connectors may require to be reconfigured, if for example, a file is corrupt. In such cases, an error will be logged at [Install Path]\Adapters\TMonitor\Logs

The IRC Switch SAP Connector Utility can be used to reconfigure connectors as follows:

  1. From the folder [Install Path] > Core > bin, double click InforRisk&ComplianceSwitchSAPConnector.exe.
  2. From the Select Connector Type drop-down list select the connector that needs to be reconfigured and click Apply Changes. A pop-up window displays a message asking you to confirm that the connector should be reconfigured.
    Note: For SAP JAVA connector, browse to select the location of the relevant files before clicking Apply Changes.
  3. Click Yes to continue. The utility displays a message asking if the connector should be tested.
  4. From the Select Connection drop-down list select the connection to be verified.
  5. Click Test. The utility verifies the connection and confirms that the connector has been reconfigured.