IRC Application

Browsing IRC While browsing IRC, a pop-up window appears asking for credentials Anonymous Access is OFF on the Virtual Folders Go to the Virtual folders and turn Anonymous Access flag ON for all IRC folders.
Modified images are not reflected on the UI The cache on the user’s machine contains the old image. Clear the browser cache and refresh the page.
While browsing IRC, the following error message is displayed in a pop-up window “Column SessionID is constrained to be unique… “ IRC user session has browser expired Close all browsers and open a new browser
Tasks page Displays message: some error occurred while performing the operation The Service account (NTAUTHORITY\SERVICE) should be in the Performance Log User group.
Note: Restart IRC Services after making this setting
On the Tasks page, online extraction for the Common Data Model appears to have hung On the Tasks page when you click on the data extraction task name link and view the sub task Upload Data, the page does not display any status for the task even though the task has been successfully completed. This may cause users to think that the task has hung.

Go to SQL Server Management Studio and execute the command sp_changedbowner ‘sa’

Where ‘sa’ is the sql admin user

Tasks Page When you click on any task on the tasks page, the Task Progress screen appears blank. Infor IRC Task Manager Service may have been stopped or restarted. Check the Infor IRC Task Manager Service.
Tasks page The values of CPU Usage and Memory Available are not displayed. User not added in Performance Monitor User Properties. Perform the following steps:
  1. Log in to the Application server.
  2. Open Server Manager.
  3. Click Tool in the right corner of Server Manager and then select Computer Management.
  4. In the Computer Management window, expand Local Users and Groups, select Groups and double click on the Performance Monitor Users groupon the right hand side of the screen. The Performance Monitor User Properties window is displayed.
  5. Click Add. The Select Users screen is displayed.
  6. Browse the Locations button to select Application server machine name.
  7. Type the object name as IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool and click OK.
  8. Click Ok on the Performance Monitor User Properties window.
  9. Reset IIS.
After creating a Request Request completion fails. Request completion status specified in the approval template does not match with the status selected in the request completion field on the Connection creation page.

Change the settings globally.

To do this:

Go to Configuration > Access manager > Completion of Request. Select the option Automatically complete request and click Save.

Go to Connection page and select the option Automatically complete request and click Save.

Viewing IRC reports Images are not visible in reports IRC application server and report server are in different domains

Specify the full URL with Domain name. Example:



Install the certificate of respective machine too.

Drill down from Excel reports to Application When any option is clicked ,for example, Mitigate , an application error is displayed in case of AD setup and Access denied error is displayed in case of IRC authentication ,

Perform the following steps:

  1. Close all office applications (if they are open, you will have to close and open them before the session sharing is enabled).
  2. Open registry editor and create and/or add the following key –
    1. For 32 bit Office applications on 64 bit Windows, navigate to the following key -









    2. For 32 bit Office applications on 32 bit Windows or 64 bit Office applications on 64 bit Windows, navigate to the following key -


  3. Create or add a DWORD value for the key opened in step #2 above - Name:ForceShellExecute Value:1

    For details, refer to the following Microsoft KB articles: Specify this information:

Creating rules Browser displays the error “Stop running this script” and user cannot proceed with rule creation Refer to the article and fix provided by Microsoft at:;en-us;Q175500
Mitigating violations After upgrade to IRC, violations could not be mitigated through the Violations Browser Database SIDs are out of sync

Connect to the IRC database and execute the following script:

exec sp_changedbowner [domainname/dbaccessuser]

Upload Upload hangs

Ensure that the following folder is shared and has full control permissions:

[Install Path]\BizRightsPresentation\Upload

Process Insight upload is successful after adding Full permissions to “Everyone” to the “CoreBCpShare” folder under security tab.

Online extraction Extraction fails

Ensure that the following folder is shared and has full control permissions:

[Install Path]\Core\bcp

Archiving analyses Unsuccessful Scheduling on an old archive connection If you have updated your IRC application to a recent version, you must create a new Archive Database. Archiving analyses using connections created in the earlier version will not be successful.