Testing Using a New Connection

If no connections exist in IRC, the Select Connection drop-down list displays New test Connection.

  1. Select New test Connection.
  2. Click Test. A new window displays the connection parameters required for a new SAP connection.
  3. Provide the following connection details:
    Field Description
    System Number Provide the system ID of the required SAP system.
    Client Provide the client ID.
    User Name Provide the user name to connect to the SAP client.
    Password Provide the password required to connect to the SAP client.
    Server Host Name Provide the name of the server on which the SAP application is installed.
  4. Click Test Connection to test the connectivity with the connector.
    Note: If the screen displays an error message instead of a confirmation message, this could be because of an error in switching connectors or validating the connection. Errors are logged at [Install Path]\Adapter\TMonitor\logs. Refer to the Troubleshooting section for further details.