Upgrade Process Insight to 10.2.x

Follow these steps to upgrade Process Insights:

  • Standard Process Insights: Republish the Process Insights to the latest Insight release version.
  • Process Insight for Infor :
    • Execute the ION PI insight upgrade to INFOR PI Tool. For details see KB 1920315.
    • Republish the Process Insight for Infor.
    Note: Process Insight for Infor 10.2.8 now only supports Infor version BDS 10.4.5 and above.
  • OFAC 10.2.x: To upgrade OFAC from version 10.0.2 CU4 or version 10.0.3, it is mandatory to republish the OFAC Insight for version 10.2.x. When you republish the OFAC Insight:
    • The default OFAC SDN connection is shipped. This connection cannot be deleted.
    • The data of the earlier versions of OFAC, mapped to various connections, gets uploaded to the connection OFAC SDN. You can now use the OFAC SDN connection to upload fresh OFAC data.
  • Customized Process Insight installed:
    1. Download and install the latest version of the IRC Studio. For details , see the Infor Risk & Compliance Studio Installation Guide.
    2. Import your customized Insight project file in Studio.
    3. Save the project. This will update the project to the latest version.
    4. Deploy your customized Insight by either:
      • Direct Publishing
      • Create a package and republish on the Application Server.
  • To republish Process Insights, execute the InsightInstaller.exe.
  • To customize your earlier versions of the Process Insight, use the IRC Studio 10.2.8.
  • For any schema modifications made to a PI rule, ensure that you rebuild the PI rule before you save the rule or analyze the PI data.