Post upgrade tasks

  1. Ensure that Everyone has full permissions on the Data folder located at [InstallPath]\Certification Manager\Presentation\Data (right-click Properties > Security). In case of inadequate permissions, CSV file upload to import users or to import data for a data source will fail.
  2. If the Server URL in the Infor Risk & Compliance Server Settings tab already exists, update the field to new URL https://servername:port/IRC.
  3. Sign into Certification Manager. Go to the Configuration page Outgoing Email Settings panel. In the Ming.le™ URL field, specify the URL of Infor Ming.le™ hosting Certification Manager.
  4. Go to IIS > Sites > Certification Manager web site > Directory Browsing. Click Enable on the right pane of the screen.
  5. Reclaim Space on the application server. After confirming that upgrade is successful (that is, after confirming that functionalities such as importing users into Certification Manager and creating review processes), the following may be deleted to free up space on the application server:
    • Inventories folder located at [Upgrade Framework InstallPath]\Inventories. This folder is used to upgrade the product and is no longer needed after upgrade.
    • Backup files from the path specified on the Specify Backup Location/SQL Admin Account screen.
  6. Ensure that you run IRC Environment Manager and update report settings for proper functioning of reports. For details, see Infor Risk & Compliance Environmental Manager – User’s Guide .
  7. Configure Infor OS. For details, see Step 3: Configuring Certification Manager to Infor OS.
  8. Save the IRC server settings from the Configuration menu of the Certification Manager user interface. This is required to import the extracted data of the Lawson Authorizations Insight.