Infor OS

Certification Manager must be accessed from the Infor OS user interface. Before installing Certification Manager, ensure that Infor OS 2021-06 is installed.

For details on installing Infor OS, contact Infor support.

After you install the Infor OS, you can leverage these functionalities into Certification Manager:

  • Drill-back functionality- Using drill back functionality, an Infor user can switch between different applications on Infor OS. For example, if drill-back link to Certification Manager is embedded into some other Infor application, clicking the drill-back link will open the required Certification Manager page and provide the relevant information defined in the drill-back link.
  • The other functionalities that are supported are:
Infor Ming.le™ Plugin Drill back Support (From CM Notifications) Drill back Support (From Infor Ming.le TM feeds page ) Infor Ming.le™ API
Infor OS 2021-06 Yes Yes Yes Yes