Features configurable through Certification Manager User Interface

You can configure these features through the Certification Manager user Interface (Settings > Security > Password Policies).

  • IA-2 Multi-factor authentication - As an extra security measure, use this feature to assign another factor in addition to a password, such as one time password.
  • IA-5 Enhancement 1, Section a - Password complexity - Use this setting to configure the minimum number of upper-case characters and lower-case characters required for IRC password complexity functionality.

    Set the value of the Minimum upper case alphabetic characters and the Minimum lower case alphabetic characters. The value is 0, by default, indicating that there is no limitation on the number of upper case and lower case characters.

  • IA-5 Enhancement 1, Section d - Password lifetime - Use this feature to add a minimum lifetime for passwords and also establish a time period during which users cannot change their password.
  • IA-5 Enhancement 1, Section e - Password history - Use this setting to implement a password history for preventing users from reusing the past 24 passwords they have used.