Step 2: Initializing Certification Manager

After the Certification Manager is successfully installed, these are the changes made to the system:

  • Windows services created
    • Infor Certification Manager Final Action Service
    • Infor Certification Manager Notification Service
    • Infor Certification Manager Tasks Service
  • Files or folders created
    • The [InstallPath]/CertificationManager folder structure is created.
    • The folder [InstallPath]/CertificationManager/Presentation/Data contains the sample CSV files required for uploading application user or role ownership information
  • Virtual Folders created in IIS
    • CertificationManager
    • CMIntegrationManager
  • Application Pools created in IIS
    • CertificationManagerUI
    • CMIntegrationManager
      Note: Ensure that the Application Pools have the .Net CLR version set to 4.0 with the Managed Pipeline Mode status as Integrated.
After the Certification Manager is installed, go back to the installation kit and select Step 2: Initialize Certification Manager. Run the InforRisk&CompliancePC.exe utility. For details, see Step 8: Initialize IRC in the Installation section of the Infor Risk & Compliance Planning and Deployment Guide.
Note: Executing this utility will reset the IIS.