Adding folders

  1. To add folders or subfolders, click the Add + button in the bottom right corner and select the Folder option.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, you can specify:
    Folder name
    This name is used to identify the folder and is displayed in the tree view in the Content Explorer. In presentation mode, this name is displayed on the card that represents this folder.
    The description is optional and is displayed only in the grid view of the parent folder contents.
    Select a predefined icon or import your own SVG icon file. In presentation mode, this icon is displayed on the card that represents this folder. If no icon is specified, the default folder icon is displayed.
    By default, a folder is added as a subfolder of the currently selected folder. You can also choose to add it as a main folder.
  3. Save the folder details. The newly added folder is displayed as a card in the tiles view or a row in the grid view. To edit a folder, you can open the same dialog box in several ways:
    • From the tree view, right click the folder name and select Edit from the contextual menu.
    • From the tiles view, click the More ... icon and select Edit from the item specific menu.
    • From the grid view, double-click the row that represents this folder.