Content translation

While modeling a Process Map or a BPMN Model, you can choose to write labels and descriptions in a language other than the default US English language. You can type names and descriptions while modeling, or you can select values for attributes of type string or rich text from Registry entries that contain translations for various languages.

To link a string or rich text attribute to a predefined registry entry:

  1. Click the registry link icon.
  2. On the dialog box that is displayed, browse the category tree and select the category that contains the predefined entries. As a designer, you can access only the categories for which you have design permissions.
  3. For the selected category, you can further search:
    • The entry titles to give a string attribute type the value of the selected entry title
    • The entry descriptions to give a rich text attribute type the value of the selected entry description
  4. Click Apply to use the selected entry. Alternatively, click Add Entry to create a new entry in the Registry and use this one.

After a registry entry is associated with an attribute, the delete icon is displayed next to the attribute edit box. You cannot edit the values retrieved from registry in the modeler while these are associated with a registry entry. To remove the association, click the delete icon. This does not delete the registry entry.

Note: The name and description attributes at the diagram level and at each element level in BPMN Models and Process Maps are linked together. When you select a registry entry for the name attribute of the diagram or element, the registry entry title is used as the value for the name attribute, and the registry entry description is used as the value for the description attribute.

The default modeling language for the Process Map Designer and the BPMN Modeler is US English.

To create a BPMN Model or a Process Map in another language:

  1. Select the desired language from the Content Modeling Language drop-down in the left panel.
  2. Type attribute values for the diagram attributes and the elements of the diagram in the selected language.
  3. Make sure to save changes before moving to another language.

The translations for the same attribute are stored together in the registry and are used to display the model when the viewer user selects another language in presentation mode.

When translations are not available, the English labels are displayed by default.

For details about adding translations to the registry entries, see Registry.