Folder Context Menu

In the folders tree view on the right side, you can use the context menu to take actions on folders. To access the context menu, select a folder name and right click to view available options.

This table gives an overview of the available options in the context menu at folder level:

Action name Description Related section
Edit Edit the properties of the current folder. Adding folders
Delete Delete the current folder and all its contents. Removing folders
Cut Select this folder and all its contents to move it to another location. See also Paste.
Copy Select this folder and all its contents to copy it to another location. See also Paste.
Paste This option becomes enabled after you have use Cut or Copy for a source folder. Select the destination folder and click Paste from the context menu to move or copy the source folder and its contents here. Note that the referenced registry entries from the copied models are now used in all copies, and any change affects all copies as well.
Add Folder Add a new folder or subfolder. Adding folders
Add BPMN Model Add a new BPMN Model to the current folder. Creating a BPMN model
Add Process Map Add a new Process Map to the current folder. Creating a process map
Duplicate Create a duplicate copy of this folder. All folder contents such as subfolders, process maps, BPMN models, and the registry data they reference are duplicated. Use Cut and Paste to move the duplicated folder to another main folder to keep a local copy. You can rename the duplicated folder, and you can edit the models it contains and the registry entries they use without affecting the original copy.
Note: Diagram links to other models are kept during duplication. Before editing the referenced models, make a duplicate of their parent folder as well.
Import Import contents for this folder from a ZIP file. Importing a folder
Export Export the contents of this folder to a ZIP file. Exporting a folder