Working with the cards view

Content of these types is displayed as cards:

  • Process Maps
  • BPMN Models
  • Diagrams
  • Folders

Each card has a name and an icon associated with it.

Certain icons are industry specific, and they are preconfigured. A few icons are generic, and they are an indicator of the type of content represented by this card.

Click a card to see its content:

  • If the card represents a folder without a process map, the folder content is displayed as cards.
  • If the card represents a folder with one process map, the process map is displayed in the diagram view.
  • If the card represents a process map or a BPMN model, the diagram details are displayed.

This table provides an overview of the icons used in the cards view:

Name Icon Description
Folder Folder icon The folder icon is displayed, by default, next to the folder title. An industry-specific icon may be configured to be displayed instead of the folder icon. A folder may contain other sub-folders and diagrams.
Process Map Process map icon A card with a map icon represents a process map diagram. Click the card to view the process map in the diagram view.

A card with a process icon represents a BPMN model. Click the card to view the BPMN model in the diagram view.

When available, a thumbnail representing the BPMN model is displayed instead of the generic icon.