Editing the BPMN diagram attributes

In BPMN Modeler, the right side panel shows the attributes of the model.

When one element from the canvas is selected, the right side panel shows the attributes of that element. Click the white space on the canvas to see the diagram level attributes again.

A BPMN Model has these attributes at diagram level:

  • Main attributes: Process Name, Description
  • Business attributes: Business Process Code, Process Description, Key Capabilities, Business Triggers, Definitions, Net Change Release, Application Navigation
  • Related documents: Add one or more documents to display as related documents for the diagram. For details, see Infor Document Management related documents.
  • Custom attributes: One or more custom attributes associated with a process map, as defined in Modeling Configuration > Custom Attributes. See the Infor Process Intelligence Administration Guide for information about creating custom attributes.

The main attributes and the business attributes can be edited in the BPMN Modeler, or they can be associated with a registry entry that has been predefined for reuse. For details, see Content translation.

The diagram level attributes are shown in presentation mode on the Process Attributes tab.