Application Navigation

To navigate to a page hosted by another Infor application within the Infor OS Portal, you can use the Application Navigation attribute where you can specify one or more links to another application page.

This attribute is supported by:

  • Process Map elements: Rectangle, Circle, Image
  • BPMN elements: Task, Collapsed Sub Process, IT System, Exclusive Gateway

To configure the Application Navigation values in the attributes pane:

  1. Click the Add + icon to add a new entry to the list.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, select the Application Name to which to navigate and, if applicable, the Form Name and Role.
  3. Click Add to save think link.

The Form Name, and, if available, its description are shown in the list for the Application Navigation attribute.

The administrator configures the Application Name, Form Name, and Role attributes on the Modeling Configuration > Navigation Configuration screen.

The Application Name defines the URL to which to navigate, and the Form Name and Role are values for the placeholders in this URL.

See the Infor Process Intelligence Administration Guide for details.

In Presentation mode, open the attributes panel of the element for which Application Navigation was configured and see its value as a list of clickable links. Click a link to navigate to the target application within the Infor OS Portal.