Creating a BPMN model

To start the BPMN Modeler, you must add a BPMN Model to a folder in Content Explorer:

  1. Select Process Designer.
  2. Select the folder where the BPMN Model is to be created.
  3. Click +Add and select BPMN Model.
  4. In the BPMN Modeler, provide a Process Name so that the model can be saved.

In Content Explorer, the BPMN Models are displayed as cards or grid rows in the folder details view. From the folder view, you can edit or delete the models.

This table gives an overview of the icons used on the BPMN Modeler toolbar:

Action Icon Description
Save Save Save changes made to this model.
Save a Copy Save a Copy Save a copy of the current model to the selected location. The same references to registry entries and file attachments are reused.
Import Import Import a BPMN diagram from a .bpmn (XML) file. The import overwrites the existing data for the current content modeling language.
Export Export Export the current BPMN model to a .bpmn (XML) file. Attribute values are included in the export file, for the current content modeling language value.
Viewer Mode Viewer Mode Switch to Processes to see this diagram in viewer mode.
Close Close Close the BPMN Modeler and return to Content Explorer.