Infor Document Management related documents

You can add file attachments to BPMN Models and Process Maps during modeling. These files are stored in Infor Document Management (IDM) in the predefined IPI_Document document type. To be able to add or download documents, users must have the IDM-User security role.

In presentation mode, the file attachments are listed in the "Related Documents" section of the Process Attributes tab or the individual elements' Attributes tab.

You can add related documents to these places:

  • BPMN Model diagram level
  • BPMN Model elements: Task, Collapsed Sub Process, Exclusive Gateway, Data Object
  • Process Map diagram level
  • Process Map elements: Rectangle, Circle, Image, Text

To add a file attachment:

  1. Open the model in edit mode and locate the Related Documents section on the attributes panel.
  2. In the Related Documents section, click + to add a new document and select the document to upload.
  3. Use the other options on the toolbar to update the list of documents.