Using the diagram view

The diagram view displays a drawing of a process map or a BPMN model on the Diagram tab. Click the Process Attributes tab to see a description of a business process and related documents. To be able to download documents, users must have the IDM-User security role.

For a BPMN model, these process attributes are auto-generated and shown when the applicable information is found in this BPMN model:

  • Process Trigger: a list of diagram names used in the Intermediate Link events
  • Roles: a list of role names that are used as names for the Lane elements
  • Activities: a list of all names of the Task elements

On the Diagram tab, you can also view the details of each element in the diagram. Select an element to view its attributes in the panel to the right. Deselect the element to close the panel. If the element has values for the Application Navigation attribute, these are displayed as actionable links in the attributes panel. Click a link to navigate to the application screen described by this link.

In the diagram view, you can zoom in, zoom out, and view the diagram in full screen by clicking the icons on the toolbar.

This table provides an overview of the icons used in the diagram view:

Name Icon Description
Full Screen Full screen icon Click the full-screen icon in the diagram view toolbar to expand the diagram view to full view.
Exit Full Screen Exit full screen icon Click the exit full-screen icon in the diagram view toolbar to exit full screen view and return to the diagram view.
Fit to Screen Fit to screen icon Click the fit-to-screen icon in the diagram view toolbar to auto-resize the diagram to fit the available space.
Zoom In Zoom icon Click the zoom-in icon in the diagram view toolbar to increase the diagram size and view more details.
Zoom Out Zoom out icon Click the zoom-out icon in the diagram view toolbar to decrease the diagram size.
Design Mode Design Mode Click the design mode icon to switch to the Process Map Designer or the BPMN Modeler and edit this diagram. This option is available only for users with the IPI-ModelerDesigner role.