Defining permissions for designer users

The users must have the IPI-ModelerDesigner application role.

In Infor Ming.le User Management, define one or more security roles to be associated with the capability to edit an industry content catalog and assign these to designer users as applicable.

To define permissions for designer users:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Permissions and add one row for each folder for which permissions must be defined. Select the Name of the main folder.
  2. If a row already exists for this folder, you can complete the configuration for design permissions on the same row, as follows.
  3. For Design Access, select the security role that applies to this folder.
  4. Click to edit the permissions for the Registry Categories. Select the category names that can be edited by the users who have the security role selected for design access.
  5. Click Save to apply permissions.

A user with design access for a specific folder can also view this folder in Processes view. For the same folder name, you can use different security roles for view-only permissions and for design permissions.

Categories and subcategories can have entries. Design access for categories enables designer users to edit these entries on the Registry screen and to select entries from these categories when editing attributes in the BPMN Modeler and Process Map Designer.