Infor Process Intelligence enables users to explore and review industry-specific business processes that are available as part of an Infor CloudSuite.

Industry content is organized in folders. Each folder can contain one or more subfolders and one or more business process diagrams with various details and related documents.

To use the Infor Process Intelligence application, users must have one of these roles:

  • IPI-ModelerAdmin to access the application Modeling Configuration, Settings pages, and all other pages
  • IPI-ModelerDesigner to access the Processes, Process Designer and Registry pages
  • IPI-ModelerViewer to access the Processes view where the industry content is displayed

Additionally, the IPI-ModelerAdmin can define permissions to restrict view and design access to industry-specific content for viewer and designer users.

The security roles for access to industry-specific content are defined and assigned in Infor Ming.le User Management by an IFS administrator.

The mapping between the security roles that give access to the industry content and the industry content folders is maintained in the Settings > Permissions page of the Infor Process Intelligence application and explained in this guide.