Custom Attributes

You can define custom attributes with a predefined data type and specify where these attributes can be used by defining bindings at the level of BPMN Model, BPMN element types, Process Map diagram, and Process Map element types.

When a custom attribute is defined for a certain diagram type or element type, a designer can see and edit such an attribute in the BPMN Modeler or Process Map Designer in the Custom Attributes panel.

When a custom attribute that is defined for a certain diagram type or element type has a value, this attribute is listed in presentation mode on the Process Attributes tab for a diagram, or the attribute tab of a specific element.

Use the Custom Attributes screen to work with the list of custom attributes available for the current tenant. In this screen you can:

  • Add a new custom attribute
  • Specify the order in which the custom attributes are listed when used in a diagram or element’s custom attributes panel
  • Delete the custom attributes that do not have any bindings